dison’s Lower School program focuses on the early stages of child development. Our experienced educators consider the mental, social and physical well-being of each student a top priority. Our curriculum is advanced, flexible and engaging, and learning is reinforced with frequent field trips, guest speakers, and unique activities. Creative development and an understanding of the arts are fostered through enrichment activities in all grades. The foundation for strong leadership skills is built early through interaction with students across all grades, both inside and outside the classroom, and respect and tolerance are promoted at all times.

Our Lower School academic curriculum places an emphasis on linguistic and mathematic development. Phonics, vocabulary and reading comprehension form the basis of our strong Language Arts program, while the demanding Singapore Math Programme provides a superior foundation for our teachers to facilitate the development mathematical skills. A hands-on, interactive Science program, Social Studies that builds upon the Language Arts program, Health and Physical Education, French as a second language, Art, Music, Drama, and optional intramural sports complete the curriculum.

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