Billy Gilliland

Dr. Billy Gilliland


Dr. Gilliland earned his Bachelor of Education Honours Degree in Glasgow, Scotland and has taught in Alberta schools for nineteen years.


Samantha Alessi

Upper School Teacher

Miss Alessi is originally from Brampton, Ontario, but has lived in Alberta for six years.


Lonnie Antal

Co-Founder and Middle School Teacher

Mrs. Antal is a co-founder of Edison School.


Sandra Arevalo

Languages Teacher

Born and raised in Colombia, Ms. Arevalo earned a Bachelor’s of Education degree with a focus in Spanish Language, English and French at La Salle University, as well as a post-graduate Title of Specialist in Higher Education Teaching at Nueva Granada Military School in Bogota, Colombia.


Ashley Armstrong

Lower School Teacher

Ms. Armstrong was born in Killarney, Manitoba.


Susan Armstrong

Middle School Teacher

Mrs. Armstrong obtained her Bachelor of Fashion Design degree while in Toronto and was awarded the Governor General Silver Medal for excellence.


Ruth Daly

Lower School Teacher

Ms. Daly teaches Grade 3 at Edison.


Terri DeMos

Upper School Teacher

Ms. DeMos earned an Honours English degree from the University of Alberta, and soon after graduated with distinction from the Secondary Education Program.


Jeff Friesen

Middle School Teacher

Mr. Friesen has been teaching at Edison since 2005.

Blair Photo

Blair Harker

Lower School Teacher

Mrs. Harker was born in Red Deer, Alberta, but moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, when she was seven years old.


Bridget McKenzie

Lower School Teacher

Mrs. McKenzie is originally from the United States. She was born and raised in Washington state and attended Central Washington University, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education.


Jessica Melville

Lower School Teacher

Edison School is excited to announce our first Edison graduate to join our faculty. Welcome back, Ms. Melville!


Shauna Palmer

Lower School Teacher

Mrs. Palmer graduated from the University of Alberta with her Bachelor of Education degree.


Julia Power

Lower School Teacher

Mrs. Power received her Bachelor of Education with a minor in Educational Psychology from the University of Alberta.


Amber Robinson

Lower School Teacher

Mrs. Robinson has been teaching at Edison for over a decade.


Cheryl Ryan

Middle School Teacher

Mrs. Ryan is a Scottish native who obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in French, Spanish and German from the University of the West of Scotland.


Megan Scheirman

Lower School Teacher

Mrs. Scheirman was born and raised in southern Alberta.


Darlene Schmidt

Music Teacher

Darlene Schmidt is a recognized teacher and musician. 


Carlos Schroeder

Upper School Teacher

Mr. Schroeder was born and grew up in Brazil, where he obtained his bachelor degree in Physics and MSc in education.


Tamara Smith

Middle School Teacher

Mrs. Smith began her path to teaching while building a career in human resources.


Adrianne Sovak

Middle School Teacher

Ms. Sovak was born in Calgary, Alberta, to immigrant parents from the Czech Republic. She is fluent in the Czech language.


Hayley Twist

Upper School Teacher

Dr. Twist is currently teaching sciences at the grade 7 - 12 levels.


Sheila Vogelaar

Lower School Teacher

Mrs. Vogelaar grew up on a farm in southern Alberta and obtained her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Calgary.


Gale Zhang

Middle School Teacher

Mr. Zhang was born and raised in Beijing, China.